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February 5, 2021

So, you’re struggling to record videos of yourself and need some tips on how to get better at presenting… You have come to the right place!

Recording quality videos is an art that few have the patience, skill and know how to get right. Anyone can sit in front of a webcam and give a speech to an audience that is already bombarded with thousands of them. So, Nottingham.Studio is here to give you some top tips on how to revolutionise your recordings and get your voice heard over everyone else’s. 

Talk to the camera like a friend  

I know this makes you sound like a lunatic, talking to a camera, but It does really help. Treating the camera like a friend means that you give that same energy to the viewer that watches the video.  

This immediately removes any boundaries between you and your audience and leads to a much more intimate connection that can increase the change of engagement with your content greatly.  

Creating a bond with you audience is the best way to get them to engage with you and your content. 

build confidence in yourself 

Having confidence in yourself is vital for anyone wanting to record a video. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should be arrogant, but you should be confident enough to draw people into watching your video.  

This can be done by simply wanting to tell them about something. If you want to do the video then it will be infinitely better than if you are doing it because you have to. This is easier said than done of course, but if you can get into this mindset you will find yourself being more confident with every word. 

Posture is power!

Posture is a very important part of presenting. The way that you hold yourself Infront of a camera can portray many different feelings to the viewer. When someone sees a video of a slouched guy in a shirt talking in a monotone voice, they immediate turn off and skip the video.   

Having a good posture, good dress and a well-spoken voice will immediately stand out to any viewer that sees your video. Humans gain most of their information from what they see so having impactful visuals is vital to a successful video.  

know your sh!t!

Having a good idea on what you are going to say sounds a lot simpler than it is. Speaking when you know what you want to get across flows better and makes the viewer more interested in what you have to say.  

One way to help with this is to put down your ideas into a script and use that to get across the ideas you want in a decisive and concise way. 

Don’t worry about mistakes 

When recording on camera don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The great advantage of recording on camera is that we can cut out all the mistakes, and just take the best pieces to deliver the most powerful performance. 

When the time comes and you do make a mistake, or want to rephrase or retake something you’ve said, all you’ll simply need to do is pause…centre yourself…backup a bit… and restart from the top of sentence you were speaking. 

Brief pauses – for the edit! 

When editing video of someone speaking on camera, it helps immensely to have points to cut in and out of within someone’s speech patterns. These “edit points” help in the editing phase to stitch together the video as whole. So, when you come to compile all your footage it flows in a way that will keep the audience engaged and invested in your content.  

Hopefully this has helped you gain some good tips on how to record quality content that can help you get out there and get recording.  

Nottingham.Studio is constantly encouraging people to get in front of a camera and let their voice be heard.  

We hope to hear yours at our studio soon. 

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