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Video Production.

Need to get your business out there? Want to communicate who you are, what you do, and why you’re the smart choice? Have a chat with us about video production for your business.

We bring our professional video production team to your business premises for an on-site shoot that guarantees to communicate your message in the best way possible.

Whether it be a showcase video like Mat from SuperMiniUK, or a big old social media series, we’ve got you covered.

Whatever your video production needs, get in touch to talk about your goal. Just click the green button below!

What can Video do for you?

Can you tell me what the last ad you saw on social media was? Was it just an image or did it have some video content?

At Nottingham.Studio we have found that ads that are solely image-based often are forgotten about within a few minutes of seeing them. However, video has a long-lasting effect on the viewer and in the game that is marketing this is always a plus.

Investing in quality video can give you that power-up you need to succeed! People say that a picture says a thousand words, well a video has thousands of pictures. At Nottingham.Studio we use video to get your message across to the people you want it to.

Video Production Services.

Corporate Video

Promotional and information videos, client testimonials and case studies.

Schools & Colleges

A Video Prospectus or a Promotional Video to showcase opportunities for students.

Health Sector

Video communications for internal and external audiences across the Health Sector.

Social Media Videos

Spread the word – interact with your audience – target specific Social Media channels.

Spotlight Videos

Get A Super Slick, Professional Video Showcasing Your Business To Help You Get More Enquiries, And Clients…

Training Videos

Effective learning – bringing TV production values to your company communications.


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Got a question? Something you might be worried about? Read our FAQs for a quick run-down of what you need to know.

What do the videos look like?

We’ll normally place you in a professional white background environment, where you can be the sole focus of attention to communicate your message to the world.

We can also film with a dark grey background, or a chroma green screen background (extra charges may apply).

How long is a session?

A session is an hour long. An hour session will usually allow for 10 minutes to get in and get comfortable, 40 minutes to film, and 10 minutes to wrap and say our sweet goodbyes.

We’re the Robin Hoods of high quality video, we want everybody to have access to professional video, and the only way we can afford to do this is to have a well oiled machine. We’ll do all we can to make your experience as unique and enjoyable as possible, but you must accommodate the studio processes and timeslots.

Can I have more than one session?

Yes you can! We even have discounts for multiple bookings.

Video Production Process.

Tell us about your project

Visit the Studio

Get the finished file!


Studio Quality Video

That Everybody Can Afford